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Puglia, one of the trendiest regions in Italy right now, is also the home of Trulli houses. These one of a kind traditional limestone houses with conical roofs are one of the main attractions in Puglia and can only be found here. Going here it’s like steeping into a completely different world, like out of a fairytale. It’s a Unesco World Heritage Site and these wonders are free to visit. On our road trip through south Italy we stopped in cute town of Alberobello where as much as 1500 Trulli houses can be found. Some of them date back to the 14th century, while most of them were built in the 19th century. Nowadays some people still live in them, many of them are available to rent or have been converted into small hotels. I have to admit it, sleeping in Trullis must be quite unique experience and I have added it to my bucket list for the next time I visit Puglia. There are also Trullis converted into restaurants, while most of them are used as souvenir shops. Since this was only a short stop on our road trip I definitely want to come back and experience it like it’s supposed to be – sleep in one these houses, eat in a Trulli restaurant and discover more of this beautiful region. But for now I wanted to share these amazing photos that we shot back in April that I hope will inspire you. 🙂


A one of a kind little houses protected by Unesco World Heritage.


In southern Italy, more specifically in Puglia region.

How much? 

Alberobello is free to visit.

How long to stay?

To visit Alberobello allow at least a couple of hours or half a day for this beautiful place. But if want to explore the surrounding area as well then you might want to have a few days.

How to get there? 

Alberobello can be easily accessed from Bari by train, but renting a car and driving around might be more convenient as public transport in this region is not the best. Also this way you can also stop in many cute towns along the way that are more easily accessed by car, such as Polignano a Mare and many more.

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Photos by: Jure Gačnik


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  1. Jure
    24th October 2016 / 8:08 pm

    Beautiful town! 🙂

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