Snapshots from Grožnjan | Croatia


If you’re anything like me than Instagram is your main source of inspiration. A couple of weeks ago I came across some amazing photos from a small village in Croatia. Grožnjan. A name I have not heard before. After a little googling I found out that it’s actually not that far away from Slovenia and it’s perfect for a day trip. Grožnjan is a small hilltop village in Istria, situated only 20 kilometres northeast of Novigrad and since we were spending this past weekend at Slovenian coast we decided to see if Grožnjan really is as charming as photos on Instagram are. And I can tell you we were not disappointed. It’s a medieval village as charming as it gets, surrounded by olive grooves and vineyards sitting on the top of the hill. With its narrow cobblestone streets full of flowers and other green plants, colourful doors and window shutters, many small shops and art galleries. There are truffle shops everywhere as it’s almost in the heart of Istria’s truffle area which was perfect for us since we are both huge truffle lovers. So, when visiting make sure to treat yourself to some homemade pasta called ‘Fuži’ with fresh truffles and a glass of wine. Grožnjan is a really small village so you can explore all of it on foot in a couple of hours and its perfect for a day trip on an autumn day when it’s not as touristy as it can get in the summer. What is more autumn colours of fallen leaves add a special touch to it, so make sure to bring camera as you will need it! In a town like this you just cannot resist taking hundreds of photos. So, I hope you will enjoy these. 🙂

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Photos by: Jure Gačnik

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